ACCP/Motorola Scholarship

Overview of Scholarship Programme

Motorola Solutions Foundation understands the importance of developing leaders that can help drive and innovate organizations. For over 80 years, Motorola Solutions has been innovating and developing communication technologies that support the needs of the Public Safety community, and we continue to make the necessary investments in next generation technologies to help improve the work that Public Safety users have around the world.

Being a positive force in the world is a fundamental value at Motorola Solutions. It factors into all we do within our businesses and it drives our philanthropic programs and priorities. We believe being a world-class company takes more than just creating innovative and successful products. It also means doing the right thing in all aspects of our business, including how we treat the environment, our employees, our partners and our communities.

For a number of years, the ACCP and Motorola Solutions Foundation have worked together to assist the police in each of the 25-member countries in the promotion and support of youth and community development programs. As proof of our ongoing commitment to the region and appreciation for ACCP’s work, the Motorola Foundation is making a donation of twenty five thousand dollars for the Motorola Solutions Foundation/ ACCP Scholarship Fund, to be divided among 10 selected applicants (between the ages of 16 and 25) covering the 2020 -2021 School year.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation/ACCP Scholarship Program is intended to provide the necessary resources for sons and daughters of Police officers or support staff who have an interest in a college education and are unable to provide or acquire the necessary funds to continue their education at a certified college or university either within the Caribbean region for colleges or universities that are associated with the member countries in the Caribbean (I.e., the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States). Children (between the ages of 16-25 years old) who are experiencing financial hardship due to the inability of the parent to provide the necessary funding for the their academic pursuits, or other hardship will be able to use this money to continue their education in the areas of Engineering, Communications, Marketing, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management, Criminology, or Forensic Science. These are all disciplines which are essential to the well-functioning of our police commissioners’ day-to-day endeavors and in which there is a constant need to continue training more professionals.

Motorola Solutions Foundation is proud to collaborate and partner with the ACCP in this and other efforts to create vibrant and safe communities throughout the Caribbean and hopes this continued donation will help extend ACCP’s work for generations to come.

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