Motorola Solutions Foundation/ACCP Scholarship for Children of Fallen Police Officers

Overview/Requirement of Scholarship Programme

Motorola Solutions Foundation acts as the charitable and philanthropic arm of Motorola Solutions Inc and focuses on giving back to the community through strategic grants, employee volunteerism and other community investment initiatives. The Foundation is one of the many ways in which Motorola Solutions lives out its purpose to help people be their best in the moments that matter.

For over a decade, the ACCP and Motorola Solutions Foundation have worked together to provide educational scholarships to children of police officers. By continuing the partnership, the Motorola Solutions Foundation awarded ACCP $20,000 USD through its 2022 grants program. These funds are to support educational scholarships for children of fallen police officers in the 2022-2023 school year.

The focus of the programme was changed and is now the Motorola Solutions Foundation / ACCP Scholarship Program and is committed to assist in providing the necessary resources for sons and daughters of fallen police officers (including officers who have died of suicide, officers killed in the line of duty, or those who have passed from disease or illness) who have an interest in a college education and are unable to provide or acquire the necessary funds to continue their education at a certified college or university either within the Caribbean region that are associated with the member countries in the Caribbean (i.e., the United Kingdom, Canada or the United States). Children of these fallen officers who are experiencing financial hardship due to the inability of remaining parent/guardian to provide the necessary funding for the their academic pursuits, (or other hardship) will be able to use this money to continue their education in the areas of Engineering, Communications, Marketing, Finance, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management, Criminology, Medical Sciences, Law, Forensic Science and other discipline which are beneficial to the development of communities in the Caribbean.

Motorola Solutions Foundation is proud to collaborate and partner with the ACCP in this effort to create vibrant and safe communities throughout the Caribbean.

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